'It was almost like water running over gravel, running where I felt the pain. I felt ease and release flow into my back, like a river of sound. It was super-relaxing. I feel good and happy!"
-VAHT client

"I feel like I've been mended. There's more of a flow of energy right through me. It was like being in a wash of colour."
-VAHT client and visual artist
  Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy®

Vibroacoustic Harp Therapy® is a touch-free, trauma-informed, body-based therapy.

Bev Ross is one of a handful of certified Vibroacoustic Harp Therapists in Canada.

In a VAHT session, the live music Bev plays on the harp is amplified so clients feel the music through a vibro-tactile mat at the same time as they hear it. The harp produces a full range of frequencies that gently vibrate and resonate with all the body's tissues and systems, to support physical, emotional and spiritual healing. VAHT is essentially a 'musical massage.'

Our bodies tend to experience pain, tension and anxiety in different intensities at different times. That's why Bev uses her training and experience to tailor the music she improvises for clients in each session, based on their response, on that day, to the specific frequencies of the harp. The session unfolds like a dialogue between the client and the music - the warm, analog music of the live harp is personalized to the client's needs. This makes VAHT unique, in contrast to vibro-tactile approaches that rely on pre-packaged, digital sound.

VAHT can help with:
m chronic pain management
w fibromyalgia
w muscle and joint pain, including TMJ
w arthritis
m neurological issues
w MS
w Parkinson's
w diabetic and other forms of neuropathy
m internal medical issues
w high blood pressure
w heart rate variability
w lymph system stimulation
w vagal nerve tone
m psychological injury/conditions
w anxiety
w depression
w grief
w low mood
m stress management
w insomnia
w low energy
m wellness
w relaxation
w body awareness

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