"My issue is I need to walk. While you played, I saw myself dancing around a maypole."
cancer institute in-patient

"Thank you so much for providing this beautiful music for patients and families. It was a ray of sunshine and hope on otherwise dreary days and reminded us there was more to life than the miseries in which we were immersed at that moment!"
RN and patient's family member
Bev Ross, harp therapy    
Harp Therapy Services
Music has played a healing role in cultures around the world. Today, 21st century science is documenting what we know intuitively about music and our well-being. Recent empirical studies show that music has a positive effect on:

w blood pressure
w heart rate
w levels of stress hormones in the blood
w oxygenation
w pain

The harp is naturally healing:
w The long, unenclosed strings create a complete set of overtones.

w The harp's wide range and tonal colour resonate on many levels.

w Its graceful image symbolizes relief and comfort.

A certified therapeutic harp practitioner, Bev Ross graduated in 2006 from the International Harp Therapy Program, a training program that was at that time based at the renowned San Diego Hospice. IHTP is an affiliate of the
National Standards Board for Therapeutic Musicians.
  Using the science of sound and the art of music, Bev has provided therapeutic music experiences in many settings:
w acute care
w cancer care
w arts in health care program:
facilitating harp circles for cancer patients
w eating disorders recovery
w seniors centres
w memory care units
w staff wellness
w music and self-care workshops
w yoga
w guided meditation

Click here to listen to CKUA's Sarah Hoyle interviewing Bev about her work at the University of Alberta Hospital.
Bev Ross, harp therapy   Bev Ross, harp therapy
    Photo by Zettel Photography
"Thank you very much for playing for our mom at the hospital. Your music brought her great pleasure and comfort."
patient's children



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